Welcome to openlgtv project.

OpenLGTV is a collective, non-commercial project for legal reverse engineering and research of LG (Smart and non Smart) TVs firmware, which is partially Open Source.
The main goal of the project is to improve the functionalities of the TVs by adding new features, fixing bugs and providing new software.

NOTE: We're not affiliated with LG in any way. Logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners
Feel free to explore the repos and contribute to the project.
Currently we have the following active repos:

  • epk2extract, multi purpose extraction tool
  • lgmod_s6, custom rootfs for Saturn S6 TVs
  • lgmod_s7, custom rootfs for Saturn S7 TVs
  • s6_s7_modules, providing extra kernel modules for Mstar S6 and S7 TVs
  • lgmod_bcm, custom rootfs for Broadcom TVs (2010 and 2011 models)
  • nsu_emu, local firmware upgrade servers for Smart TV televisions

How i can contribute?

You can contribute by making pull requests to our current projects.
However, before undertaking any major modification, you should contact us (see contact us below, IRC preferred), so we can discuss about it. We're open to ideas and people willing to contribute.
NOTE: We have new work in progress projects for new Smart TVs, based on ARM (years 2012, 2013, 2014), but we're looking for some developers willing to help us with development, testing and polishing.
If you think you can help us, contact us on IRC (see below) and ask for Smx or lprot.

You can also join this chatroom:

Authors and Contributors

Thanks to the original authors of the project, the original lgmod developers and all the contributors and testers. Contributors list (in alphabetical order):

  • hawkeye -> owner of the openlgtv website, lgmod developer
  • @jenya -> openrelease developer
  • @lprot -> epk2extract and lgmod developer
  • @mmm4m5m -> lgmod developer
  • @rtokarev -> epk2extract and openrelease developer
  • @sirius-jam -> original epk2extract author
  • @smx-smx -> epk2extract developer
  • xeros -> lgmod BCM developer

Support or Contact

You can find us on Freenode (channel #openlgtv), or on the openlgtv website
If you cannot find us around don't leave right away, we're not on IRC 24/7, and timezone may be an issue depending on where you live