Kiwis on the other side of the world have woken to the news that they will be able to return home to New Zealand without quarantine from February next year. 

But while it is a welcome relief for many, it’s too little, too late for most.  

"It's freezing, February isn't nice in the UK," Kiwi Jessi Wiggins tells Newshub in London.  

And a summer in New Zealand is looking pretty good.

"Really exciting and yeah it hits you hard," Wiggins says in tears.

Because the news of quarantine free flights to New Zealand from February 14th, is of course, about much more.

"My sister is supposed to get married in April and it would be amazing to be back for that, especially since I missed my brother's wedding," Wiggins says.

There are homesick kiwis in every corner of the world.

There are desperate daughters in Sweden, Kiwis in Berlin and a new dad in South America.

"In the last two years, I've got married here, had a child here, and none of my family and friends could come and join in any of that," Kiwi Daniel Hunt tells Newshub. 

While an exhausted mum in Costa Rica just wants to see her family. 

"He’s my only child and I miss him so much, so much and I just wanna see him," Laura Iriarte tells Newshub. 

With the reunions right on the horizon and after two years of false hope, everyone is asking if there is a catch.

"It’s quite obvious that Australia is part of a trial run," one New Zealander tells Newshub.

The price of flights is a worry for many Kiwis stuck overseas and others won't believe the news until they're in the air.  

"It won't be until I'm on the plane on the way that I'll think it's actually happening," another New Zealander says. 

And above all, they’re disappointed New Zealand won’t welcome them back sooner. 

"It's a shame that people couldn't be reunited with their families for Christmas," another Kiwi overseas says. 

Another three months of missing out, but now there is at least a promise they’ll be making new ones together soon.  

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